Wednesday, June 10, 2009


so its done. one of the best weekends ever. a lot of hard work was put into getting Disembodied, and i couldnt have done it without help.

first id like to thank Tara for listening to my constant fanboy comments, and for convincing her band to come out here.

Andy Serrano and Andy Whynaught and everyone who works at Chain Reaction. they did an awesome job.

Lucas for recording the show.

Keith Barney for designing an awesome poster.

Matt Horowitz for letting me whine, for making laminates and for letting us use a van. and most importantly, for letting Disembodied use his killer drums. and for playing in two awesome bands.

Mark Mitchell for rounding up gear and for understanding my pain.

Michael Hellfish for helping me from day one, for doing a fucking amazing job printing (even on his wedding anniversary), and for being a truly amazing human being.

Adrian Castillo for being himself.

every person in every band that played, especially Xibalba and Final Burden.

Josh Highland for backing me.

Erakuh for being there, listening to me, encouraging me, and for putting up with me.

Most of all, to Disembodied for making a lot of people really happy.

stay tuned for more photos, videos, and updates on the new record.

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