Sunday, September 6, 2009

Europe 2009

Well, i thought i would post a little something about our recent trip to Europe.
We flew into Berlin and had a day to just chill and walk around the city. Berlin is a really beautiful city with lots of history. I wish we could have had more time to explore there. It was nice to get some sleep before the shows though. Who knew that would be the only real sleep i would get the whole time we were there. We walked around the city and then ate dinner at a mexican joint while enjoying some drinks and people watching before crashing at our hostel.

We played 4 shows during our time there. Our first show was in Rosswein, Germany. It was fucking amazing. We didnt really know what to expect, we had never played in Europe so we didnt know if people would be into it or not. The crowd was amazing. We were lucky enough to play with Darkest Hour who killed it both nights that we played with them. The show is kind of in the middle of nowhere in this little village but the show was so great. Afterwards we went to the place where we were to sleep which i think was a dorm by the way it was laid out, however we never saw a person walking around so i really have no idea.
Got up the next morning and went to a local bakery and had some amazing coffee. The city was beautiful and then we were off to the next show since it was about a 7 hour drive.
We got to Trier a little early. Loaded in and got some food to eat. The club is this weird building which consists of two clubs, an outdoor stage, a youth center, and at night, fucking raves. The show was good. A dude hung upside down from the rafters while we played which was entertaining. Ate some good food that the club provided, and then was hoping to get some sleep which i was in need of. WRONG! There was a rave in the other building which was attached to where we were to sleep. Of course you had to sleep with the windows open because Europe doesnt believe in AC so it was so loud. It was impossible to sleep so we went downstairs to hang out for a while. Talked with some Germans who were speaking English with a British accent. It was pretty entertaining. It was INSANE the amount of drinking and bottles that were being thrown around. It was around 3 or 4 and i tried to go to sleep to no avail. I think the music actually stopped around 10am. So, that kind of sucked, and the promoter yelled at some of the guys because they thought they were breaking stuff, which they werent. You couldnt even take a shower because there was glass in the shower rooms. It was insane.
Off to the next show in Amsterdam on no sleep once again. Got there a little early but really couldnt figure out how to get to the show. It was in the Red Light district and so you cant drive there. The club wouldnt let us load early so we had to go park and wait a while which ended up as us loading late. The show was kind of small due to the fact that Ieper Fest was pretty close but it was still a good show. Except for the fact that the cabinet Charlie was using blew a speaker and then the head stopped working. He just played along anyways. We didnt get much time to hang out that night because it was raining and once we loaded we just had to bail.
We did get to see Jan who was our(Martyr Ad's) driver for the Zao tour. It was nice to see him and talk for a few minutes.
We stayed with Sam and Eva. They were very nice to let us stay with them and got showers and a decent night sleep.
We left a little late just because we needed some time to just relax and not rush. I wanted to leave early to see Polar Bear Club at the fest but knew that wasent gonna happen because they played way too early.
Got to the show about 2 minutes before Set Your Goals played. That was the other band that i wanted to see so i was stoked i got to see them. Went and set up merch, which wasent really worth it because we only had size xl left but sat there anyways and talked to some people.
Played a great show. It was kinda cold when we started but it was perfect timing as the sun was going down. The kids seemed to like it. We thought it was an amazing show. We packed up and hung out as the show was winding down. We got a bunch of drink tickets and just went and redeemed them all and oddly enough when you have like 30 beers sitting at your table, you make alot of friends. Talked with some Brits who were singing along to the Descendents and No Doubt. It was surreal.
Went back to the place we were staying and once again i couldnt sleep. I sat staring at the wall listening to my ipod for hours until finally getting up and finding a computer to look at.
Got everyone up and ate breakfast and headed to Brussels. We had decided to stay a few extra days to just look around. We stopped in Brugge first. We were there on the Martyr tour but it was so close we decided just to walk around a bit. Wanted to climb to the top of the tower but we were too cheap.
Headed to our hotel in Brussels, cleaned up, and took the train into the city to eat waffles. We only ate one waffle and i kinda feel cheated. We had this plan of basically stuffing ourselves with waffles until we wanted to puke but i think due to exhaustion we just werent feeling it.
We walked around for a while, looked at some cool shit, and then headed back to the hotel. I was feeling like shit from the night before so i just headed to bed.
Then we headed off to Amsterdam in the early morning. We were flying out of Amsterdam so we decided to spend an extra day and a half there. Of course we walked around the Red Light district a hundred times, looked at stuff, some people smoked some stuff, had some drinks, watched a Twins game at an Irish bar, and had a good time just hanging out together.
It was a whirlwind of a trip and we were glad to go and glad to get home.
Europe hates the following things:
Hot Food
Air Conditioning
Nice Toilet Paper

Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows, bought a shirt so we could live, and all of the people that we met and took care of us. We really appreciate it. We couldnt have done it without any of you, especially Marco, Ivonne, and Avocado. Well see you again next year.

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