Monday, March 8, 2010


what, another version of the song Eulogy? you better fuckin believe it.

this version comes from the Minnesota punk and hardcore compilation called NO SLOW... ALL GO on Half- Mast records. the compilation also features Threadbare, Dillinger Four, Code 13, and Impetus Inter (more on them in a sec). the insert says that there is a CD version of this as well, and that all bands were asked for 2 songs, one for the vinyl and 2 for the cd, but only a couple of bands actually came through with 2 songs. the condition of being on the compilation was that the band had to record a song exclusively for this project.
it's a double 12" and Disembodied is sandwiched in between a melodic punk and an anarcho punk band on the second side of the first record.

this song was the only song recorded for this session, at Flower Pot Studios in the summer of 1995. the band waited around for Justin to show up, and he never did, so Joel had to borrow drums from Impetus Inter, a band that Tara was playing bass for at the time. thus, Joel played guitar and drums on this recording.
this version of the song sounds very much like a demo recording, very raw. Aaron has some extra lyrics in there which didnt make the version we all came to know and love.

i recorded this straight from the vinyl, as the masters were not available to appear on the Psalms Of Sheol record. if i track down the CD version of the album, perhaps i will replace, or at least make both versions available. i enjoy listening to cracks and pops of vinyl, so it doesnt bother me to hear it as it was intended sometimes.


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