Friday, May 15, 2009

Forget Me (live)

The Pickle Patch was a house in the part of Santa Barbara, CA known as Isla Vista. It is right by the college and is very densely populated with kids (college age people). Anyway, this house was a "collective" whatever that means. Im not sure of everyone who actually lived there, but for a while Steve Aoki did. Yes, that Steve Aoki.

A few years ago a compilation came out of bands that had played at the house. Honestly no other songs stand out in my memory other than Giveuntilgone and Former Members Of Alfonsin.

The comp featured a live version of "forget me", which, thanks to Uncle Sam blessing me with a large enough tax return to buy a computer, i have uploaded.



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  1. this is indeed an exciting time i can't tell you how long i have been waiting for this.. thinking back the past few years in music and bands nothing at all comes close to Disembodied becoming and active band once again sadly i wasn't able to make it to any of the reunion shows but watched the video and the band is as amazing and relevant than it's Ever been i'm so thirsty for news i refresh this page 500 times a day, At Least. i am So looking forward to the comp. cd and new material. "heaviest band in hardcore" no truer words have ever been spoken i have favorite bands most i like for sounding like other bands i really like and then there's... Disembodied. top shelf, all alone in an undefinable category heaviness no one has ever come close to cloning their style. in light of the recent news and rumors and activity.. It's All I Can Think About.! this blog is very much appreciated. Thank You.