Friday, March 27, 2009

Disembodied's first show in OC

i dont remember much about this show, to tell you the truth. i remember being right next to tara (hence the close picture i snapped of her)
i remember them playing "feel" off of the 7" i had recently purchased, and a couple songs off of Existence in Suicide, which a kid named Marshall Lally had introduced to everyone.
i remember Endeavor and Kodiak jumping on the show, because they had played the Goleta Fest a couple days previous. Endeavor was amazing.. so heartfelt and raw.
the church was run by Aaron Stone's dad, and he had let us have a few shows there (the first hardcore formal was held there)

i asked Tara about the names of some of the songs, and she said they were working titles of some of the songs off Diablere.
notice that is NOT Aaron singing, as chronicled HERE

unfortunately, these were the only two photos i took of the show. well, i have one more of Jody but its basically the same only his hand is twisted into some sort of macabre "shaka" gesture.
maybe someone from Disembodied will expand upon this story !

I remember being really fucking stoked to play California. We had never been there before and we assumed that no one would know who we are because this was our first tour and we only had our first "demo" cd out at the time. I dont really remember much about the other bands that played. I honestly don't remember 18V playing the show but i have the worst memory so it doesn't surprise me. But, when we fucking started playing and kids knew the words to some of the songs we were fucking blown away. I remember we looked at each other and laughed. Holy Shit! We couldn't believe it. I knew that Justin had been to California and had gotten rid of some of the cd's but this was the first show (besides Goleta) that kids kinda knew who we were. I remember it being a good show, and then we heard that Texas is the Reason was playing nearby and we HAD to get into that show. We got in somehow and that was an amazing show. We met Marshall Lally and got to stay at his house. His house was fucking rad. We met his family and they were so nice. They let us stay there for a couple of days(in the apartment) and Marshall was nice enough to fucking cart us around to Hollywood. I think he got a ticket on the way because he crossed the double lines. That dude was a scary driver. 
Anyways, that was our first experience in California and we just fell in love with it. It was always our second home and our favorite place to play. Not to mention all of the friends we've made along the way.

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  1. New Jersey is your second home no matter what CA fantasies you guys (or OC) has. haha. xo - rick