Wednesday, March 25, 2009

for all who are dead

i remember the first time i heard Disembodied.
i remember the first time i saw Disembodied.
i remember when i got the idea to release all of the "rare" Disembodied songs on one disc.
i remember a lot of things about Disembodied, but not everyone was there, and there is surprisingly little information out there about this band.

this blog is going to be about preserving the memory of one of the greatest, heaviest bands ever... and it will also be about preserving the memory of the next few months. about the reformation of Disembodied, about them playing again. about them playing for people who have only dreamed about seeing them, and about seeing them again. to feel that feeling one more time.

there will be several forces behind this blog, including the band itself. this is not just some nerd sitting behind a screen, bragging about the colors of vinyl he has, etc.
this is a fully authorized fan site... but i need help. i feel the need to catalog all of the different pressings, all of the different colors of shirts and windbreakers and pictures from shows and flyers and set lists and videos and anything that has to do with Disembodied.

if you have ANYTHING to contribute, please email us at

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