Friday, March 27, 2009

Goleta Fest

When we pulled up to the Fest and found out that we were playing last, we were pissed, nervous, scared, and confused. Why the fuck were we playing last? We had never been to California before, no one knew who we were, we felt like we really didn't fit into the show. We were scared that everyone was going to leave before we played. We asked and tried to fix it. We were so fucking freaked out, we were glad that we got there early enough to have time for it to sink in and get ready. 
It was getting close to the time we were supposed to play and of course we were all nervous. The stage looked huge, lots of people were there. It was scary. Joel was really nervous and had to shit all day. Of course the bathrooms were scary and flooded and if i remember correctly there either werent doors on the stalls or something like that. Joel used to get really nervous before we would play and always have to shit. So, i had to guard the door to the bathroom like 2 minutes before we were supposed to start. He HAD to shit so im keeping everyone out while hes shitting...
Then, we finally start playing and fuck, the stage is kinda bouncy and joel's head falls off of his cabinet, breaks my plug on my head. Shit like this always happened to us. Things always were a little off, something always had to happen to us. We fixed it, carried on and it was a great fucking show. 
We slept outside on the ground that night. It was a beautiful night. Then in the middle of the night, Joel wakes me up and has to shit. The doors to the club are locked so he has to walk like 4 blocks away to the gas station to go to the bathroom. That boy and his shitting. If you know him or us, or have toured with us, that is not anything new. We have had to stop in some weird places or just on the side of the road when he has to go to the bathroom. 
Anyways, that was a great weekend. Justin got his dick pierced in front of everyone. I don't know what he was thinking getting pierced there, it sure doesn't sound very sterile to me but I'm glad he still has his penis. 

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  1. people have told me the lead vocalist to Disembodied is my Doppleganger. Poor Guy. the next time you guys are in Syracuse New York,i will introduce myself as "the doppleganger"